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A bag of 6 delicious Sunflower seed butter Lion's Mane truffles.


We roast organic sunflower seeds and stone grind them for hours into a delicious and creamy butter. 

It forms part of a smooth fudge like center that is coated in an 85% dark organic chocolate before being rolled around in raw cacao. 


Each bite has ℮ 0.2 grams of Lion's Mane mushroom extract, meaning that a bite or 2 a day keeps your brain happy. (You can eat the whole bag if your shroom heart desires).

EU - Lion's Mane Brain Truffles

PriceFrom £16.50
  • Approximate weight: 25 grams per bite

    Cacaoº, coconut sugarº, Sunhiniº (sunflower seed paste), Himalayan saltº, LION'S MANE mushroom extract, vanillaº, distilled water, coconut nectarº.


    We handle nuts on our premise and therefore can not guarantee that any of our snacks will be nut free.


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