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  • Magic mushrooms?
    Medicinal mushrooms are magical in the way that they allow their medicine to unfold within the body, however they are NOT the psychedelic kind. We like to call them the CBD of the mushroom world.
  • How many grams of herbs and mushrooms are in each snack?
    We use about 0.5-1g of herbs and dual extracted mushrooms in each snack.
  • How many can I eat in one go or day?
    Generally when starting to take medicinal mushrooms and herbs we recommend taking them daily in small doses, this allows you to develop an understanding and awareness of how the herbs are unfolding their medicinal magic for you. We suggest eating no more than 4 of the same snacks in one go to start with. Our treats are quite filling so we'll be surprised if you manage more than 3. Trust your body’s innate wisdom and intuition. Your body will let you know if you need more or less as you experiment. Some customers feel really relaxed after eating one brownuffle others report the same after 2 or 3. We encourage you to discover your own personal Myshrooms Snack dose.
  • Will I feel anything?
    This is very subjective as we all have different body systems. What you feel will depend on your level of internal awareness, constitutional sensitivity and current health condition. The medicinal benefits of these mushies and herbs come with consistency and accumulate over time. Apart from indulging in our snacks we would recommend consuming these on their own regularly for at least 30-100 days to really allow the medicine to unfold within your system. Some customers have reported sleeping really well after eating our snacks and others have said they felt a lot more energised. As long as you are taking the herbs they will be working their magic for you.
  • Allergen information
    All Myshroom snacks are free from GLUTEN, DAIRY and EGGS. However there may contain traces of SOYA, CELERY, SESAME & NUTS. We don't use nuts in all of our products, but we cannot guarantee NUT free, due to them being made with the same equipment.
  • How do I store my snacks?
    Storage instructions can be found on every product page on the website. Generally we recommend refridgerating your snacks as soon as you get them. They should keep for 3 - 7 days. However if you are someone who can't help but keep the fridge door open for long periods of time they might not last as long.
  • Are OH MY SHROOMS Snacks suitable for diabetics?
    We aren't able to give advice on this. If in doubt, please talk to your doctor/health adviser.
  • Can I freeze my snacks?
    Yasss! If you are going to freeze some then make sure you get them in the freezer on the day they arrive. To defrost, take one out of the freezer 30 min before you want it. Eat within 24 hours. Our Snyckers and Twix bars can actually be eaten straight out of the freezer. They are gooier than normal and absolutely delicious.
  • What are Tonic Herbs?
    Tonic herbs were used for thousands of years by healers in ancient China. Also known as herbal tonics, they are medicinal herbs which are scientifically proven to support the body and deliver extraordinary health benefits. There are three distinct categories within Tonic Herbs: Superior herbs - these can be consumed daily with benefits accumulating over time. They were used daily by Emperors and the wisest and wealthiest people. Regular herbs - these can be used to treat poor health. They shouldn't be used for a long period of time, due to the negative secondary effects they can have on the human body. Inferior herbs -primarily considered to be toxic, should only be used for short periods of time to get a powerful and fast result when treating serious illnesses intensly. Tonic herbs fall under the “superior herb” group. These are known to be safe, gentle, well-tolerated and effective for the vast majority of people. Tonic herbs work with the body to help it adapt rather than forcing it to change, this allows a measured, nourishing and normalising effect to unfold within the body and its systems. Tonic herbs were rraditionally taken daily to promote longevity and prevent illness. They offer nourishment to the vital organs, strengthen essential functions and improve quality of life, without negative side effects. Some tonic herbs also fall are considered as 'adaptogens' as they aid the body in modulating one or many of its functions. Adaptogens must have certain characteristics; Its consumption must not create any harm or additional stress on the body. It must encourage healing via a non-specific action, supporting all of the body’s vital systems, including the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system. It must be adaptive in nature, assisting the body to overcome any physical, psychological or environmental stressors. Scientific research has verified their safety and confirmed the effects observed and documented by ancient Herbal Scientists over thousands of years of practice.
  • What are medicinal mushrooms?
    Medicinal mushrooms have been a part of the human race’s quest for health and longevity for thousands of years. They assist in building our bodies immunity and resistance to a wide range of stressors and normalise body functions In the wild these mushies like their trees, specially the bark of the particular trees in which to grow. For example Chaga thrives on the bark of the birch tree. The medicinal compounds present in mushrooms come from the medium on which they grow. Most companies out there today sell mushrooms that are grown on grains/cereals like rice and oats, this leads to a false reading when looking at the active constituents such as polysaccharides and beta glucans. These are the compounds that provide us with the medicinal benefits, and that is why a lot of people who jump on the shroom wagon get dissapointed after experiencing nothing from a product they bought on the internet.
  • Why do you use mushroom extracts? / What types do you use?
    We use a range of organic mushroom extracts, both in powder or liquid form. We use these due to their convenience and medicinal potency. In ancient times these used to be incorporated in a similar way, primarily taken in teas and culinary dishes throughout the day. Most herbs need to go through some form of processing in order to make their medicinal properties bio-available for human consumption. This may be by steeping the herb in boiling water for 20 mins - 2+ hrs or leaving it to extract in alcohol for weeks, months or even years!
  • Where do you source your medicinal mushrooms from?
    Our Chaga chunks come from the clean forests in Vladimir, Yaroslavl and Nizhny Novgorod. It is cut with an ax or saw then left to dry. All our extracts are organic and are sourced through other companies. All the functional mushrooms we use in our chocolates go through a water, alcohol and ultrasonic extraction to make as many of the medicinal compounds present bioavailable for our bodies. These are fruiting body extracts, no mycelium, no fillers, no crap.
  • How can I get my order?
    UK Wide delivery: For our UK Wide Shop click here. We make everything to order and ship UK Wide once a week. You can see what day we ship on at the top of our basket/cart page. We use a Royal mail 1st class service which usually takes 1 - 3 business days. You must order by the deadline shown at the top of our the basket/cart page. More delivery and collection information available at the top of our basket/cart page.
  • When will my order be posted? | UK Wide Delivery
    UK Wide delivery: You can see what day we ship on at the top of our basket/cart page. We will send you a confirmation email once we send your order out. We post your orders using Royal Mail's 24hr tracked service. This is usually a next day service but can sometimes take up to 5 days. If you missed the cut off or need something delivered on a specific date, drop us an email & we'll see what we can do.
  • How are the items packaged?
    Our gift boxes are recyclable. For those that are not in gift boxes, we slide them into eco-friendly compostable film. To send them out to you we re-use postal packaging (boxes, paper, foam nuggets and bubble wrap) from our community. On some occasions we also reuse packaging materials we receive from ordering our ingredients. It may not look the prettiest and may have stains but they are still sturdy and good to carry your chocolates to your door. We love giving them a second life and we know most of you do too. However, we do understand that for special moments in life you may not want a reused Amazon box. We have a gift section on our shop where you can get some of our chocolates in cute boxes.
  • What if I or the recipient isn't home?
    Once you have placed an order, it is your responsibility to be available to receive the delivery. When we send your order to you through our next day delivery courier you will receive an email/text with a 1-2 hour delivery slot on the day of your delivery. If we send your order through Royal Mail and they leave you a red card please collect your package asap. Our chocolates are pretty resistant and will be okay for a few days, our cheesecake and carrot cake not so much due to the fresh raspberries and carrots. We cannot take any responsibility for orders that have been redelivered as we have no control over how the couriers store the products. Due to this we can also not guarantee freshness or quality.
  • Where is my order?
    Delivery delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. Please check the tracking number we provide you with to keep an eye on the delivery status of your order. For orders sent out via Royal Mail we cannot do anything until 10 working days have passed since posting out your package, this is Royal Mail's policy. You can use the tracking number we provide you with to check if it might have been delivered to a neighbour. Once the 10 days have passed we will contact Royal Mail and get back in touch with you to either refund you or send you a replacement. If due to delays on our side we are unable to have your order ready for delivery we will notify you. If we are still unable to get your order to you a refund to the credit/debit card used to make the order will be issued.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the perishable nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds. Once you have placed an order, it is your responsibility to be available to receive the delivery. Please bare in mind the products are delicate & may break easily & on rare occasions they may not have been handled with care & items may arrive in a bad condition. If upon collection or delivery of the Products you find that they are not those ordered by you (for example, the flavour or quantity is incorrect), or the order is incomplete, or a Product is in a damaged condition when you receive it, please provide photographic evidence immediately to Since taste is a very personal matter and subjective we cannot accept the return of any Products merely because you do not like the taste. ​ We may change the shape of our products, never the weight, in order to fit them into the packaging boxes. Therefore the actual products received by you may not visually match those on our website. Accordingly, we cannot accept the return of any product because it does not match the shape on our website. ​
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