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About us

Here they are, snacks and blends summoned to this dimension to support and heal our mind-body-soul and the earth we call our home. 


Founded in 2019, Myshrooms is dedicated to sparking curiosity and awakening our innate connection with nature by seducing people into high-vibe health consciousness through loving indulgence. We want to make treats that treat your cells on all levels a standard whilst guaranteeing deliciousness and taste worthy goosebumps.


The magic lies in the medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs, and spices we concoct our products with and the way they allow us to indulge and heal simultaneously. Made entirely from plant-based whole food ingredients with no gluten, refined sugar, preservatives, animal products, weird chemicals, or plastic packaging.

The kind of snacks that are needed today and that have a synergistic and beautiful relationship with nature.


Sara Kiyo Popowa @shisodelicious

THE story of our founder


Like many others, I grew up confused about what my life purpose would be. 


I went to university for the sake of it, worked in hospitality for 5 years, and traveled around the world. I eventually co-started a business in trading stocks and along with a few other life events my body gave up on me. My gut was always bloated, my skin started breaking out and I was constantly tired. Visiting the GP time and time again left me feeling frustrated and crazy. That was when I decided to take my health into my own hands.  


I started researching and came across medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs. Something about them really called out to me so I started using them and slowly began to heal. 


After a year I went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat called Vipassana, which I encourage you all to check out, and at the end of it, it came to me that people deserved to know about these natural medicines and how to remain healthy in today's world. So I enrolled in a year-long health coaching course and started the Myshrooms Instagram page to spread the spores and share everything I was learning.

A few months in my passion for high vibe health and consciousness merged with my forever love for snacking. These 2 together gave way to the health forward and decadently delicious medicinal mushroom snacks we know now.


It turned into a business one day whilst sharing some homemade shroomy snacks with friends at a lovely vegan cafe in East London, The Love Shack. The owners tasted them, loved them, and ended up stocking them.


Since then it’s been market after market and in March 2020 I started personally hand-delivering them all around London and posting them all over the UK.


I currently run Myshrooms by myself in North West London. To me it is so much more than just a mushroom snack company, it’s an opportunity to care for our mother earth, our health, future, and inspire people to tap into that innate connection they have with nature. 

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Tom Skelton @twskelton

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